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Hi from Black phantom
« on: April 11, 2014, 05:19:19 AM »
Hi, I'm a bit of a writer with the surprising bit where I don't like to write. a bit contradictory to be sure but that is pretty much who I am and I do have a habit of disappearing from time to time hence phantom. I'm a big fan of sierra outpost more so of the first one than the second but I still enjoy outpost 2. part of why I created a profile on these forums is to get feed back about my writing and get my ideas of what would be going on through the average colonists of outpost 1. it is kind of sad to see there is not a forum piece for OP1 novella or if there was one the fact it was removed is disheartening because this site is 'outpost universe' even tho the forums got changed to be almost outpost 2 exclusive. All in all I'm just rambling on basically: "Hi, I was new here till I embarrassed myself and disappeared for a long time."

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Re: Hi from Black phantom
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The main reason why Outpost Universe is more focused on Outpost 2 stems from the fact that the original community was formed as part of the Outpost 2 Multiplayer experience.  While Outpost 1 is an important part of the history of the "series" and it was/is enjoyed by many of the members, most of the work that has been done has had its focus on Outpost 2.  That may be the reason why what few novellas people here have written are more Outpost 2 than 1.

As to embarrassment, don't worry about it.  This is the intenet, you can make as big of a fool out of yourself as you want and most of the time people will just shrug it off :p
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