Author Topic: Here Is The Moded Agrodome Tech Tree  (Read 2757 times)

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Here Is The Moded Agrodome Tech Tree
« on: June 13, 2013, 02:44:17 PM »
I set this up so it would be easy to test in multiplayer and single player colony games. If you do test this you will not see the bug in a single player colony game but you will see it as a non host player in a multiplayer game. I have highlighted the tech you need to research with a underline in game and reduced the time it takes to research it down to nil. The tech will tell you what kind of bugs you will expect to see and where to look when you research it. Usually you will just need to check the Building Factory and the Agrodome as a non host player to see the bugs. There are a total of 6 techs stringed together in sequence.

As an interesting note I would like to point out that while making this I found that the bug seems to vary in what it does depending on what kind of modifications you give the buildings from research. In my original mod I found at the end of the sequence you needed 109 scientists for the Agrodome but with this example tech with different variables you only need 30some scientists and less rare ore.

Anyways I hope this can get fixed so I can finish my Mod. I think I will post a few pics on here to show what I have done so far if people are interested.