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Morale Steady Mod
« on: October 29, 2011, 11:52:11 AM »
Here's a quick mod I made to the Morale.txt file so that you can basicly have morale steady in any game. I changed the levels at which morale Excellent get active. Usually, if morale is above 90, it becomes morale Excellent, but I changed if morale is above 0, it becomes Excellent. This does mean morale is still tech there, but it doesnt matter if you don't manage it.

To install:
Download the file.
Place the file in your Outpost 2 directory.
Enjoy :D

Note: This file effects everything, so if your going to be playing a online game, unless both people have this file, it will cause a check sum error. In order to prevent this, simply delete, rename or move this file before playing. It checks the file upon starting a game (not upon opening Outpost 2), iirc.