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Here you will find all info and tutorials about how to create mods for the Outpost 3D project.
Ways to mod the beta demo:
  • Manually change the heightmap/alphamaps for a map, this will however require the game to regenerate the AI files which is done by deleting them from the AI folder.
  • Maunally change the info in the map file such as fog and lighting colors.
Ways to mod the game (when its done):
  • With the mod and content editor you will in a simple way be able to add units, structures, techs, weapons and more.
  • New models and textures can be added just by replacing the existing ones as long as they have the same names, if not the mod and content editor can be used to change them.
  • There is a big posibility that the interface editor can be used to customize the interface such as the side bar.
  • Maps can be created with the map editor and the tools that will be used to recreate the original campaign can be used to make new ones.
  • Language mod, can't find any language mod for your language that add one! There will be a special tool to edit the language files.
...or atleast I plan for all of this in the end  ;)
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u will lol?, i hope so..
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wow someone more random then me, And worse spelling to!
Yeah! :D  
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« Reply #3 on: February 12, 2009, 10:30:45 PM » and AWESOME TUTORIAL! I MADE MY FIRST (enter made up object with all capital letters) WITH IT!

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I'd like to customize Outpost 2, as well.  Kinda confused about the OP2 Mapper.
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Wrong place to talk about that.  But I'm feeling generous, so PM me about what you wanna know specifically and I'll see what I can do to help you.
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