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Eden And Plymouth: Colony Wars
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This fanfic is based off a forum game I once made of the same name. As a result, it is highly random at times. And it also smashes canon into a million pieces.


"Microbe incursion imminent. Start three minute countdown."

The disturbingly calm voice of the Savant computer announced the beginning of the end. On all sides, the feared purple haze closed in on the dying colony. Two hundred lucky people, mostly children or young adults, were aboard the RLV, the Eden Clipper. The final module was to be launched.
The starship, Pheonix Voyager, would take them to a new home. Far away from New Terra. Far away from the Blight. Leaving their past behind. A new home. And a new future.

"Two minutes, three seconds until microbe incursion."

"This is Scout 1-04, hold the countdown! I repeat, hold the countdown!"

Just over the horizon, several Laser Lynx roared past. A Plymouth Evacuation Transport followed. The column ended with a pack of Railgun Lynx. The column screeched to a halt just below the launch pad, as just under fifty scared children disembarked.
Eden soldiers, in stark black battle armor, escorted the children, some forcibly, into the colonist module.

"Microbe incursion imminent. Start thirty second countdown."

"Twenty nine."

"Twenty eight."

"Twenty seven."

The Savant counted down with a unnerving calmness. Seemingly ignorant of the imminent death.
In a mountain of flame, the Eden Clipper lifted off.

In orbit, the spindly Skydock was busy assembling the last of the modules. The starship was in it's final stages of completion.
Assembly took less than five minutes. With that, the mighty fusion thruster ignited, and the starship took for the stars. Leaving the dying colonies behind.

As soon as it was out of view, several missiles screamed past, impacting the Eden Skydock. It exploded in a blazing conflagration.
Down below, the colonists could only watch in horror as the Skydock broke up in orbit. It's ash raining down onto the planet.

"Skydock destroyed. Losses are minimal."

Just then, a second Skydock appeared, bearing the Plymouth insignia.

"Launch sequence initiated. All nonessential personnel to the starship."

And with that, the second starship launched to the stars. Neither knew of the other, and for a long time, it would stay that way.

Chapter One: The War Begins

*300 years later*

"I spot a column of tanks ahead! Relay to Colonel Rufu."

"Yes sir. This is Laser Lynx 1-02 relaying to Laser Lynx 1-01. We have a column of Plymouth tanks ahead."

"This is Laser Lynx 1-01. We read you. How many are there?"

"I count fifteen toasters, and three slignshots!"

"Any buzzers?"

"No sir."


"No sir."


"No sir."


"No sir."


Of course, the Plymouth tanks weren't really called that. But the Eden military had a lingo for Plymouth tanks. A "Toaster" was a Microwave tank. A "Slingshot", an RPG tank. A "Buzzer" referred to the hated EMP tanks. A "Boomer", a Starflare or a Supernova. An "Elmer", a Stickyfoam tank. A "Disperser", an ESG tank.

"Das Boot battallion, scatter! Laser Lynx 1-02 through 1-06, you take left! Laser Lynx 1-07 through 1-12, you take right!"

"Yes sir!"

The weak Laser Lynx were not much of a match for a Microwave Lynx, much less an RPG Lynx. But if they could hold out, a much larger column of Railgun Lynx was just behind. The battallion resentfully remembered that. The Das Boot batallion had repeatedly asked for a Railgun tank or two, but their requests were repeatedly denied, as newer battallions recieved better and better tanks.

"Sir, we lost Laser Lynx 1-07!"

"Keep on going!"

"Sir, I see two Buzzers over the horizon, and they bought a couple friends!"

"All tanks, take out those Spiders! Save the Buzzers for later!"

"Buzzers took out my automatic aim! Switching to manual!"

One by one, the Laser Lynx were slaughtered. They simply didn't stand much of a chance.

Corporal Artov's, Corporal Ty's, and Corporal Vorta's tanks fell, in that order.

And with that, the screen turned red. Once again, they had failed the Outpost Defense 2 simulation.

"And so, for the 50th time, the Das Boot Battallion was wiped out, and the colony didn't stand a chance. For the 50th tme, EVERYONE IS DEAD!"

Colonel Rufu was a head of the Das Boot Battallion. He was known to be kind, but firm. He was around 20, of average build. He was like most Eden colonists, with brown hair and brown eyes. The Das Boot Battallion was gathered around him.

"How can we expect Command to promote us from Lynx to Panthers, or at least give us some Railgun Lybx, if we can't pass this simulation!?!"

Just as Corporal Artov opened his mouth to answer, the alarm rang.

"Unknown incursion detected. All forces mobilize! I repeat, all forces mobilize! This is not a drill!"

Such scenarios were drilled into them time and time again. They were in the field, with another battallion, within thirty seconds. They lined up in a defensive formation, as the enemy came over the horizon.
They were brownish, with red markings. There was no mistaking that paint scheme.

"It can't be....."


"Get Central Command. Tell them that....."

"Yes sir?"

"Plymouth is back."