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Bug Reports
« on: January 13, 2006, 08:46:11 AM »
If you have been able to succesfully download, install and run OPUTool v1.3.2 and think you have found a bug, please post it here using the following format:

OS Version:
HDD Space:
IE Version:
Mozilla Version:
Description of Bug:
Can you reproduce the bug?:
What actions did you take to cause the error?:

Please don't report bugs that have already been reported under the same conditions. Please read through the current bug-list before posting to make sure you don't post more information about an already identified bug. Please also note that runtime errors due to missing files (such as "Runtime Error: XX module not found 'mozctl.ocx'" does not count as a bug. In the case of such an error try reinstalling OPUTool. If that doesn't fix the problem please contact the developer for any missing files).

  • WorldMap Phantom Pins: Phantom pins can appear on the WorldMap after inserting a new pin. The cause has already been identified and a fix is in progress.