Author Topic: Op2mapper 2.0, Alpha 2 Now Released!  (Read 1588 times)

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Op2mapper 2.0, Alpha 2 Now Released!
« on: August 09, 2005, 07:42:55 AM »
OP2Mapper 2.0.10, Alpha 2 has now been released.

This version includes more bugfixes and new features.
-- Windows 9X is now supported, so it shouldn't crash on load any more.
-- Many new and requested features have been added, a partial list:
  • A complete working minimap, with save feature (right click on minimap)
  • ALL mapper options are now stored in an INI file. (No more registry dust)
  • Features such as scrolling with the arrow keys, and a grid on the map view and tileset window can be enabled/disabled through View>Options in the editor.
  • The partial ability to create new maps from scratch now exists. (However, sizes lower than 64x64 have tended to be buggy)
  • Complete undo support. (with no limit of undo actions)
  • Features that make it easier for people working with new/different tilesets, such as an "Advanced Edit" window to directly work with the tilesets and mappings; and a feature that allows you to override the default VOL (maps.vol) so a different VOL can be searched for tilesets instead.
  • Various bugfixes, such as the garbled text in the tile group window (well, maps with already garbled text won't be repaired, but the problem won't continue to happen when you save "normal" maps), cut off of rows in the tileset selector, as well as some fixes to stop the editor from crashing as often.
  • An improved error-reporting system when errors do occur. (It allows you to copy and paste the text so you can send it to one of us)
  • A lot of other smaller features, like current coordinates in the status bar, and more!
Getting the new mapper:

You can download OP2Mapper, Alpha 2 from:
mapper2_1_2.exe (941k)

The new exe installation no longer requires the .bat files to be run as it is all done by the installer.

edit by Mez (new installer + remove old instructions)

Note: You may need administrator access on Win NT / 2k / XP for the install and upgrade to work properly.

Other than that, have fun with the new version of the Mapper, and continue to keep posting those bug reports and feature suggestions in the mapping forum!

-- op2hacker
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Op2mapper 2.0, Alpha 2 Now Released!
« Reply #1 on: August 09, 2005, 08:59:32 AM »
Totaly great! :D

Good work. I'll talk to you on IRC about changes etc.

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Op2mapper 2.0, Alpha 2 Now Released!
« Reply #2 on: August 09, 2005, 09:11:56 AM »
good job, as always! a few bugs tho...

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Op2mapper 2.0, Alpha 2 Now Released!
« Reply #3 on: August 09, 2005, 02:11:29 PM »
Take a look at this version but its not very useable currently, you cant copy and paste etc.

Expect another release within the next week.

Edit by op2hacker: it saves fine. Make sure you use the upgrade .bat if you have Alpha 1 installed to be sure OP2Editor.dll gets updated.

I think that was Lev's problem with map saving being corrupted, I couldn't reproduce the error myself.

Also, I'm gonna release a new version of the mapper within a few days which will fix some bugs, and add some handy new features. (Features like setting a rectangle on the map to the same cell type or tile quickly, turning on/off the grid for each map independently, and some more)
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