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ZigHooVille - An extension of Hooville
By ZigZagJoe

UPDATED!!!Implements sf kits w/ difficulty (uses hooman's code)
Implements initial units
Implements day&night
Implements morale
Implements wreckage
Uses pie resources w/ difficulty
NEW!!!! Allows for cargo truck cargo in basedata.h

Has disaster and trigger information, and has a mini c++ tutorial to help you learn how c++ works,
And has rules/suggestions to follow when naming functions, variables, etc. Excellent for newbs to coding and c++

Also has volcano funcs and info on how to use them
-volcano animation, and stopping said animation

Disaster examples
Trigger examples
And general info

Works with std. sdk

Uhg. Its 1:00am, and I’m tired  :yawn:

theres probly more but i'm to tired to remeber  :heh:


With the LaoHoo stamp of approval.

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Nice, ill be releasing all my maps once there done.