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IRC log: Molson's View
« on: March 29, 2005, 02:22:20 PM »
I post this because he dosent post on forums but is a member of the community.

(20:31:48) (+molson) hey
(20:31:54) (@OPU|hacker) hey molson
(20:31:59) (+molson) i was just reading the forums
(20:31:59) (Nightmare24148) Well I did once
(20:32:00) (+molson) for the first time
(20:32:03) (+molson) in years
(20:32:03) (@OPU|Leviathan) hacker we need 2 move a lot of topics about, make sure u dont leave link, select No
(20:32:15) (@OPU|hacker) alrite
(20:32:19) (+molson) and i realize that there is ppl mad about what happened with xfir
(20:32:35) (@OPU|Leviathan) people who dont post often, or dont come on irc molson.
(20:32:42) (+molson) i think the main and only problem with op2 is that the main audience of the game is 10-15 years old
(20:32:51) (+molson) and there opinions are mixed with there maturity
(20:32:59) (+molson) there is nothing wrong with what happened
(20:33:01) (+molson) or what u guys did
(20:33:07) (+molson) keeping op2 alive is not a bad thing
(20:33:13) (Nightmare24148) Jeje
(20:33:13) (+molson) and if ppl dont realize that u need to ban them
(20:33:15) (@OPU|hacker) they dont understand s***
(20:33:23) (@OPU|Leviathan) yeah heh
(20:33:27) (Nightmare24148) :D
(20:33:28) (+molson) show them u arent putting up with there nonsense bulls***
(20:33:33) (+molson) its a video game that was made over 10 years ago
(20:33:33) (@OPU|Leviathan) only thing wrong was taking it off xifr with out asking. but o wel.
(20:33:34) (@OPU|HaXtOr|Moog) yeah
(20:33:37) (+molson) and its amazing that its still alive
(20:33:43) (+molson) but for ppl to b**** and complain about it
(20:33:47) (+molson) they need a swift kick in the ass
(20:33:59) (@OPU|hacker) i think of it this way: we did what was best for OP2 GAMING they all use that forum as a chat place
(20:34:00) (@OPU|Leviathan) pritty much
(20:34:04) (+molson) my opinion on that matter
(20:34:06) (Nightmare24148) Ic
(20:34:11) (@OPU|hacker) our primary intersts are for op2 gaming not using a forum as a chat place
(20:34:23) (@OPU|Leviathan) if they wanna chat they can
(20:34:24) (@OPU|hacker) cuz if u want 2 go to a forum and chat... there are millions of them out there that let u do just that
(20:34:28) (@OPU|hacker) yah
(20:34:32) (@OPU|hacker) but i mean to get angry over it
(20:34:33) (@OPU|Leviathan) and now we added more genral sections so they can chat about more.
(20:34:37) (+molson) i dont think anyone can get mad at u guys
(20:34:41) (+molson) hacker and levi
(20:34:45) (+molson) you did so much for the game
(20:34:49) (+molson) u guys pretty much kept it alive
(20:34:52) (+molson) when WON went down
(20:34:53) (@OPU|Leviathan) they dont care :(
(20:34:57) (@OPU|hacker) they dont care or realize that
(20:34:59) (+molson) its because there kids
(20:35:02) (+molson) they dont know whats going on
(20:35:11) (Nightmare24148) Its a good thing were still alive
(20:35:13) (+molson) they think they should have an opinion
(20:35:13) (@OPU|hacker) well itd help if some of em used irc more
(20:35:15) (@OPU|HaXtOr|Moog) yeah
(20:35:28) (@OPU|Leviathan) or helped 2 keep forum active..
(20:35:28) (+molson) just keep doing what your doing
(20:35:37) (+molson) if some 15 year olds wanna leave the community
(20:35:40) (+molson) i think were better off without them
(20:35:42) (+molson) imo
(20:35:57) (@OPU|Leviathan) yea we r molson, ppl b****ing at us it dosnt change n e thing or anoye us
(20:36:01) (Nightmare24148) Good thing Im not 16 anymore ^^
(20:36:04) (Nightmare24148) I mean 15
(20:36:09) (@OPU|hacker) heh
(20:36:12) (@OPU|hacker) same here
(20:36:14) (@OPU|Leviathan) mostly ya molson
(20:36:23) (+molson) i dont think ppl realize how much time and effort you two put into a old game
(20:36:31) (+molson) to keep ppl playing it
(20:36:32) (@OPU|hacker) i agree
(20:36:34) (+molson) and having a way to play it
(20:36:36) (+molson) and thats sad
(20:36:37) (@OPU|HaXtOr|Moog) if anything the b****ing is anoying
(20:36:43) (@OPU|hacker) op2 has been what i do on the comp. i rly dont do anything else
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(20:36:50) (@OPU|hacker) my desktop is full of op2 related stuff nothing else
(20:36:50) (@OPU|hacker) etc
(20:36:51) (Nightmare24148) :D
(20:36:54) (+molson) i know im greatful for what u guys did
(20:36:54) (@OPU|Leviathan) more or les same here now
(20:36:56) (Nightmare24148) I talk and play other games
(20:37:02) (@OPU|Leviathan) i dont play n e other games n e more etc.
(20:37:02) (Nightmare24148) One day I had a thought of OP2
(20:37:03) (Nightmare24148) Looked for it
(20:37:05) (+molson) and to have xfir to just one day say the game is dying and close off the forums
(20:37:07) (Nightmare24148) And found OPU :D
(20:37:15) (+molson) shows that he really is imature
(20:37:15) (@OPU|hacker) he said the game was dying all the time
(20:37:18) (@OPU|hacker) and he was f***ing lazy
(20:37:25) (@OPU|hacker) ohhh you should have seen the doc file he made about me and lev
(20:37:27) (@OPU|Leviathan) xfir closed the forums cuz of arguments on irc
(20:37:28) (@OPU|hacker) called us immature
(20:37:35) (@OPU|Leviathan) u tell me im gay and i wont close the forums...
(20:37:39) (leeor_net-away) How 'bout we NOT bash others that can't defend themselves right now??
(20:37:48) (@OPU|hacker) then said all this stuf flike "<insert our real name here> f*** you. <insert name here> f*** you."
(20:38:01) (+molson) ppl are just dumb hacker
(20:38:03) (+molson) theres no way around it
(20:38:04) (+molson) :/
(20:38:05) (@OPU|hacker) i know
(20:38:05) (Nightmare24148) Not the coolest attitude :-
(20:38:08) (@OPU|hacker) unfortunately
(20:38:09) (@OPU|Leviathan) and theres not much we can do molson.
(20:38:25) (@OPU|hacker) all we can do now is try to make the pieces fit again
(20:38:39) (Nightmare24148) Well we seemed to recover pretty well
(20:38:59) (@OPU|Leviathan) there shouldnt of been a mess up.. but some people cared 2 much Nightmare24148
(20:39:12) (Nightmare24148) Im aware
(20:39:18) (Nightmare24148) Good thing I was around when this happened
(20:39:29) (@OPU|Leviathan) were not just gonna recover. we gonna get a lot better
(20:39:45) (Nightmare24148) I witnessed the Break and the Rebirth
(20:39:56) (@OPU|hacker) yah
(20:40:02) (Nightmare24148) :D
(20:40:15) (Nightmare24148) Im sorta happy this happened
(20:40:17) (@OPU|hacker) A A A A A A a a a a so on
(20:40:27) (Nightmare24148) O_O
(20:40:36) (@OPU|Leviathan) the people who are informed are Nightmare24148
(20:40:46) (@OPU|Leviathan) cuz they no we only have good intensions in mind.

(20:52:14) (+molson) 1. Too much channels. Well, not really, but they're badly organized
(20:52:22) (+molson) this is what some1 said aobut opu on the forusm
(20:52:27) (+molson) HOW IS IT BADLY ORGANIZED?
(20:52:33) (+molson) theres 15 ppl in here
(20:52:36) (+molson) how else would u organize it
(20:52:44) (+molson) god i cant understand how some ppl think
(20:52:57) (@OPU|hacker) theres wow, only 4 chans
(20:53:04) (+molson) like really now
(20:53:08) (Nightmare24148) Hehe
(20:53:09) (@OPU|hacker) u cant organize irc chans anyways
(20:53:10) (@OPU|Leviathan) noob channel we didnt make
(20:53:10) (+molson) ppl are just trying to find things to complain about
(20:53:15) (@OPU|hacker) its not like categorys
(20:53:20) (@OPU|Leviathan) it was Cc's idea. and i think we can make it worke tc
(20:53:20) (+molson) which must get annoying for you guys
(20:53:22) (Nightmare24148) I think my dad did once say now and then he'll hook the modem directly to my comp
(20:53:25) (Nightmare24148) Ill ask abotu that now
(20:53:32) (+Cctoide) eh?
(20:53:32) (+Cctoide) my idea?
(20:53:44) (+molson) yea i was reading ur post cc
(20:53:50) (+molson) =)
(20:54:20) (+Cctoide) my misspelled name topic
(20:54:44) (+molson) imo im here to play op2, not to support the community or help with anything because i dont know how to program and whatnot, but if you are simply not here to play the dam game then why be in here in the first place
(20:55:13) (+Cctoide) what doesn't make sense?
(20:55:22) (+molson) b****ing about how IRC is run
(20:55:25) (@OPU|Leviathan) were open to all people, not just op2 gamers.
(20:55:27) (+molson) dosent make any sense
(20:55:35) (+Cctoide) but molson
(20:55:36) (+Cctoide) the game IS the community
(20:55:41) (+molson) n
(20:55:42) (+molson) o
(20:55:43) (+molson) its not
(20:55:49) (+molson) without the community
(20:55:53) (+Cctoide) without community you have no op2 multi to play
(20:55:54) (+molson) the game would still be playable
(20:56:02) (+molson) i could allways find some1 to play
(20:56:06) (+molson) be it not one of you guys
(20:56:09) (@OPU|hacker) the game can exist without the community but its harder 2 find ppl to play
(20:56:09) (+molson) and it wouldnt matter to me
(20:56:19) (Nightmare24148) Hehe
(20:56:20) (+molson) im just greatful that lev and hacker took the time to make a place like this
(20:56:27) (+molson) so instead of me having to find some1 to play that i know
(20:56:29) (+Cctoide) well then, go play op2 alone
(20:56:30) (+molson) i can play one of u guys
(20:56:35) (+molson) maybe u should
(20:56:42) (+molson) u would realize that u should be greatful for what they did
(20:56:44) (+molson) instead of bashing it
(20:56:48) (+molson) like a retarded 15 year old
(20:56:49) (Nightmare24148) Exactly
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(20:57:31) (+molson) i can go on and on about how the little kiddies of this community are ruining it
(20:57:42) (+molson) but im sure lev and hacker know what is going on, and ignore the ppl they should
(20:58:06) (@OPU|Leviathan) we dont need 2 ingnore them, they run off on there own.
(20:58:16) (+molson) lol lev
(20:58:17) (+molson) =)
(20:58:21) (+molson) thats how it should be
(20:58:27) (+molson) hell i know if i put the time u guys put into it
(20:58:29) (+molson) and ppl still bashed me
(20:58:34) (Nightmare24148) :D
(20:58:35) (+molson) there would be bans flying around like crazy
(20:58:47) (+molson) ur banned ur banned ur banned ur....BANNED
(20:58:47) (@OPU|Leviathan) and were trying 2 c what everyone thinnks about stuff, not ingnoring any1
(20:59:25) (@OPU|Leviathan) molson its not about ppl not careing that we try hard
(20:59:35) (+molson) thats what it comes down to levi
(20:59:39) (@OPU|Leviathan) its that they though the forums were fine the way there were.
(20:59:41) (+molson) ppl being ungreatful little pricks
(21:00:03) (+molson) like honestly if the forums werent there
(21:00:08) (+molson) do u think everyone in this channel would leave
(21:00:12) (+molson) honestly?
(21:00:12) (@OPU|Leviathan) no
(21:00:15) (+molson) exactly
(21:00:18) (+molson) thats my point
(21:00:19) (@OPU|Leviathan) this channel is just part of the whole communtiy
(21:00:33) (+molson) ppl are acting like the forums made op2
(21:04:06) (+molson) were talking about forums fora video game thats like 10+ years old
(21:04:11) (+ChaosAngel) lol
(21:04:13) (+molson) tell me any other game that still has this going on
(21:04:56) (+Cctoide) so get on with op3 already!
(21:05:08) (+molson) if your not happy cc go play a different game
(21:05:18) (+molson) there are alot of different games then just this one u know
(21:05:22) (@OPU|hacker) op2s 97 i think
(21:05:24) (+Cctoide) meh stfu
(21:05:28) (+molson) lol
(21:05:29) (+molson) well then
(21:05:29) (+Cctoide) well duh
(21:05:30) (@OPU|hacker) 8 yrs
(21:05:30) (@OPU|hacker) i think
(21:05:31) (+molson) dont start with me
(21:05:32) (+molson) f***er
(21:05:37) (+molson) u ungreatful faggot
(21:05:38) (+Cctoide) but op2 can be improved with a new op3
(21:06:03) (+molson) if it wasnt for lev and hacker
(21:06:05) (+molson) u woudlnt be here
(21:06:06) (+molson) playing op2
(21:06:06) (@OPU|hacker) only one fan made op game is actually in progress
(21:06:09) (@OPU|Leviathan) (21:04:56) (+Cctoide) so get on with op3 already!
(21:06:10) (+molson) thats all im gonna say
(21:06:14) (@OPU|hacker) so rite now we have op2
(21:06:14) (@OPU|Leviathan) dont c u helping with it
(21:06:23) (@OPU|Leviathan) so dont moan at other ppl that they dont do there op3s
(21:06:35) (+molson) btw cc nobody pays them to do this
(21:06:41) (@OPU|hacker) actualy dont moan at anyone. its not gonna change a bit
(21:06:44) (+molson) so how do u figure u have the right to tell them how or what to do
(21:06:47) (+molson) when it comes to anything
(21:06:49) (+molson) nobody does
(21:06:55) (+molson) its f***in ridiculous
(21:07:05) (Nightmare24148) :D
(21:07:30) (@OPU|Leviathan) :D
(21:07:40) (+molson) ppl b**** cuz they spend half there day everyday trying to make op2 better
(21:07:43) (Nightmare24148) OP2 is fun anyways
(21:07:48) (+molson) cry me a river, if u dont like what htere doing leave
(21:08:08) (Nightmare24148) I was gonna say that
(21:08:13) (+molson) lol
(21:08:25) (+molson) now im done getting mad at the kiddies
(21:08:27) (+molson) im gone

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IRC log: Molson's View
« Reply #1 on: March 29, 2005, 04:30:03 PM »
okay this whole thing about what happened to xfir the forums and the community to me is all nonsense. i personally witnessed xfir saying that the op2 community is dead, and that he was gonna take down all the forums and sites to go along with it. so for all of you that think what hacker and levi was wrong, rethink your opinion. if u were levi and hacker would you let some guy decide for you that what u worked so hard and long for is dead and should just get destroyed. hell no. hacker and levi did what they had too to KEEP the op2 community alive. there is no way in hell xfir will do a dam thing for outpost 2 or its community ever again and as far as xfir is concerned its dead. so for those of u who think xfir got cheated out of anything, it was his own fault for trying to destroy levi and hackers work. and now i read posts that xfir is asking for money for computer parts LMAO dont let him con you into sending him money, if he wants money he can work for it like every other person in this world. i dont feel sorry for xfir for one reason he wanted to kill the community and found out he alone coudlnt do it. so what does he do? tries to turn the community against the ppl who acctually care about it and have cared about it from the very start, levi and hacker. this whole thing seems retarded to me and i just hope nobody send that bum (xfir) any money, as far as im concerned xfir needs to grow up and leave op2 alone, he didnt want to be involved with it then he doesnt need to say anything about it. and as far as i see, the only ppl loyal to xfir are the ppl who know nothing about whats going on. levi and hacker didnt kick xfir out of the community, xfir tried to bring the community down so far that it would die. xfir you are sad, leave it alone leave us alone and leave op2 alone if u dont want us we dont want you.

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IRC log: Molson's View
« Reply #2 on: April 01, 2005, 07:35:08 AM »
War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.

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IRC log: Molson's View
« Reply #3 on: April 04, 2005, 12:02:16 PM »
Look. Stop calling us young b****es, I could call you an old s***bag.
Oh omg I am not an adult... Go and grow up.
Hacker: prolly you have only OP2 on your desktop because your computer is not capable of handling an FPS game.
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IRC log: Molson's View
« Reply #4 on: April 04, 2005, 02:16:35 PM »
Give it up already, if we continue to argue about this whole issue it gets us nowhere.

Pick up the pieces and move on, forget about it. I can't change your mind, and you can't change ours.

PlayingOP: To jump to a conclusion like that tells me you didn't understand the point of this thread at all.
I could put other games on my desktop if I wanted, including FPS games, but I don't, because I am devoted to OP2. I enjoy OP2 more than playing other games. I don't know why, but I just do.
The fact that it doesn't use a lot of system resources is besides the point. and if that's the only argument you can come up with, then maybe you shouldn't even participate in an OP2 community as you obviously aren't interested in OP2.

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IRC log: Molson's View
« Reply #5 on: April 04, 2005, 04:09:37 PM »
I got a 'phat' computer!!!!!!!!!!!

£300 quid GFX card, 1280MB of RAM etc

I use it for op2!

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IRC log: Molson's View
« Reply #6 on: April 04, 2005, 05:51:18 PM »
I started out by not caring. Whats important is that there is a site now.