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"The host stopped responding" message
« on: January 01, 2005, 11:29:19 AM »
Hi. I am neutrino or n3utr1no on #outpost2. I managed to setup my network for playing Outpost2 behind my ipNAT router, using your natfix.exe patch. I also redirected required ports to my local machine.

Here is my setup.

[ ADSL modem ] ---- [ NetBSD box ] ---- [ Linksys switch ] ---- [ WinXP Box]
-------------------------- [ kernel IPNAT ] ----- [ 10/100 switch ]          
-------------------------- [ IP: ] --------------------------------- [ IP: ]

I redirected ports from 47776 to 47807 inclusively to my internal machine. You can look my ipnat.conf here. ipnat.conf

The problem is when I try to host a game. People seem to be able to join, but they can't receive/see settings. They see a plain lobby, and receive after a few moments "The host stopped responding" message.

I even have a testimonial
<OPU|Leviathan> i c ur game
<TH300> "the host stopped responding"
<OPU|Leviathan> but i dont think it can revice settings