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« on: December 11, 2004, 09:23:05 PM »
I got bored with my admin panel's notes thing. And it gave me this idea.

Anyway, make a sentence with as many words ending with "-aw" as possible. Do NOT add any prefixes or suffixes to the "-aw" words. I'll start.

I'll caw and naw your saw away, and it will become raw as a paw as it goes through the maw and breaks the law and its jaw. Haw!
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Haw! Your law will become but a paw as my saw cuts the maw and begins to guffaw at you.
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I saw what you see, and the seesaw of life makes your guffaw but a single raw paw on the crow's caw; it shall soon be a law, as you look to your maw and naw on you toe (your craving for a chaw of tobbacco), giving of a yaw (as you cannot bring out the 'n') and saying, "Taw taw."

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I'maw typingaw stuffaw endingaw in awaw!
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