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Title: Outpost and chat with sierra.
Post by: Exoduz on July 14, 2017, 02:57:24 AM
So, i went on an all out clue search for people associated with the production of Outpost 2 and or anyone in general who would know something about the whereabouts of the source code for it.
I got responces from several people, amongst the founder of sierra via email, whom said that when he and his wife sold sierra on-line they sold all that was in the company (games, coding etc)
The same person also said that when sierra on-line went down the vault they had in which they stored source codes etc was emptied and all of its contents was presummably destroid.
I got really bummed by that responce but still thanked him for his time and for disturbing him.
But i did not give up there, since i thought that there might be a small chance that someone made a backup somewhere, so I kept going, sending emails to companies that might have some kind of association with sierra on-line and people around.
Alas, very few answered or even bothered looking at email/messages i sent.
But today, after quite some time, i had almost given up on the thought, i did get a possitive responce!!!
The responce game from Sierra themselves, which stated that in fact, there is still a backup that they have of the source code of Outpost 2!!!!  :o
Sadly the responder also said that it was not to be shared outside of the company.
So I naturally asked if it was maybe a chance that it could be sold, and  he stated that there are no current plans on selling the game but hopefully that it would get used in either a port or a remake / sequal was on its way in a not to distant future!

Sounds awesome to me, and i do hope they remake or make a sequal  :D
Title: Re: Outpost and chat with sierra.
Post by: lordpalandus on July 15, 2017, 01:49:15 PM
Which Sierra responded?

Old, now defunct Sierra, or the semi-recently revived Sierra?

I'm not sure if the new Sierra is formed from the ashes of the old, or, like ID software is today, its a completely brand new team.
Title: Re: Outpost and chat with sierra.
Post by: Exoduz on July 15, 2017, 03:25:21 PM
Well, iŽd say the new revived sierre, since they specificly said that all old source codes belong to activision :P
I think new sierra is like the old but not.
They must have put the old on hold or something and just stored all they had.