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Title: Blue Moon Project
Post by: Zardox Xheonov on May 23, 2011, 05:26:18 PM
Blue moon is a set maps and missions made using the ICE tileset (don't confuse it with greenworld or ice world cuzz its not at all the same).

The greenworld has inspired me to create my own tileset...

yes even i am capable of this magnetude XD so anyways There link to the tileset is below, note the bmp images are Always required to used to create the maps and run the missions.
It is becuase of this method that you don't have to replace maps04.vol (besides other things do that already).

This tileset works and i have tested it more than once with a demo i made from scratch (with programming advice credits going to flashy and jcj94) thanks guys for helping me out.

You can get the demo and tileset download HERE. (http://www.speedshare.org/download.php?id=D3D7370611)
Now i have a question to the community; does anyone want to learn how i did this? its quite easy to learn and requires less attention than programing with c++.

Make sure to extract to your outpost2 folder.
Title: Blue Moon Project
Post by: Flashy on May 27, 2011, 05:14:27 PM
I finally got around to play it. The map looks funny, like the world is covered with some alien goo, I'm sure those maps will look nice.
However, if it's still the same version like a few days ago, there are a few problems:
1)The mission requires LOPTEK.txt, but it isn't delivered with the pack
2)LOPTEK is a heavily modified tech file, it can show unintended behaviour with the new mission, for example you can't research anything because you need the dummy techs first. A solution would be switching to a normal tech file.

And from what I remember from the source, is the player still limited to tech level 4?
Code: [Select]
SDescBlock DescBlock    = { Colony, 1, 4, 0 }; // Important level details
Title: Blue Moon Project
Post by: Zardox Xheonov on May 27, 2011, 08:09:23 PM
oh you must of downloaded it a bit early, i updated it probably just after you downloaded it..

Update includes: MULTITEK.TXT as the tech file and tech level 12.

Sorry for the inconvience... i was hoping nobody downloaded it within that 30min-1 hour timespan for before i updated it.

Oh and thanks so much for testing it out feedback is much appreciated.
Title: Blue Moon Project
Post by: Flashy on May 28, 2011, 08:21:38 AM
Ok, the new one works good, I was able to win this time. Through I noticed that there aren't any failure conditions, like for having no command centers or people. And is it supposed to only have one mining beacon? It would've been nice to have some rare ore