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Title: How To Start A Secondary Colony
Post by: nighthalk1 on January 04, 2008, 10:44:14 PM
Yes I know this is in the manual kind of, but itís not exactly easy to find I didnít even know you could till yesterday and I had this game since it was new =/

How to start a new colony:

Step 1, get 2 miners, dozers, diggers, and trucks
Also have in your storage tanks some of every resource (MPG and nanotech do nothing for this you need REAL resources)

If all those are ready, you have a new building called command center, place it wherever you like.

Start dozing, digging, ect, you need to get a storage tank up as first priority
Using another truck or 2, transfer more resources needed to build buildings, even with auto assign trucking you have to do it manually. (select storage tank with stuff, right click, assign route, left click the new storage tank, assign a truck) you need to transfer some metal or mineral a to get things started, fusion for the tokomak

It does take time to transfer items, donít worry your people wont starve while its in new colony mode

If you have a nanotech facility this next part is much easier, right click your main colony command center, transfer personnel, transfer like 15. Build a nanotech and agridome, then a chap and power facility

Donít forget on tougher difficulties these WILL explode leaving your colony a ghost town very quick.

Iím not sure how to exactly do this without a nano facility (will smelters go to nearest storage or what) but by the time you want to risk throwing those resources at it you probably already have them. I guess you could go for a spew instead of a nano and use a second transfer to send those over. After that you can work on your other buildings like normal.

You obviously donít have to do this but Iím sure very few people here have ever had multiple colonies.

So far Iíve had 3 failures; my nano exploded leaving me with no way to support the chap, and the second try the tokomak exploded in like 3 turns disabling the colony. I wish I could launch more solar satellites. Third attempt they just stopped manning the command center for some reason cutting off that 50 power. Finally I got the 4th attempt stable enough to get everything running and getting a monorail establishedÖ then CRASH general protection fault =( oh well I got it working hehe.

I canít verify this easily but it SEEMS if you make something it prefers to use the real stuff instead of nano/spew (I have to keep expanding the mine to get more metals)
Title: How To Start A Secondary Colony
Post by: Sirbomber on January 05, 2008, 10:14:03 AM
Oh, wow, OP1 actually lets you build new CCs? It always tells me I can't with some generic AI message.
Title: How To Start A Secondary Colony
Post by: Sirbomber on March 27, 2008, 06:07:46 PM
Just thought I should update this.
In order to build a new Command Center, you need to put it on un-bulldozed terrain, for some strange reason.
Poor game design strikes again!