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Title: Outpost2: Road To Perdition
Post by: Nynx on October 24, 2007, 02:58:49 AM
Universe: Outpost 2
Author: Nynx
Forward: Ever since I found this game, like 8 years ago, I have been fascinated by its inclusion of a novella along with the mission briefings. To me it helped bring the entire game to life, giving each mission and situation more meaning than any GUI for Dawn of War, StarCraft, WarCraft 3, or a Command and Conquer game ever could. It felt like I was actually there. This in combination with the highly detailed maps, buildings and the ever-lovable savant announcer made this game stand out in my large collection. So here is my attempt at a story, and perhaps when I am finished with my current game project, maybe my company will swing around for a chance to work on something like this.

Chapter One: Discovered[/u]
   BRIIIIIIIIIING! BRIIIIIIIIIIING! The sound of a video phone filled the kitchen, canceling out the silence of the night. It was a small apartment, consisting of a kitchen, 2 bedrooms, a bathroom, and a common area connected to the kitchen. Although small, it was considered a luxury that anyone else would desperately want to have. The kitchen was an l-shaped counter with an oven, dishwasher, sink, and refrigerator making up the wall. The floor was a plastic-polymer tile, and the ceiling was an aesthetically appealing patchwork of steel and plastic. In the common area, there was a desk in one corner, a bay window that looked out onto the world, and a large view screen with a sofa and two chairs with soft green carpeting. A small hallway led to a bathroom with the two bedrooms on either side. In the one on the right, there was a mess; clothes, papers and office materials lay strewn about as if a tornado hit. The papers had notes, memos, calculations and files on them.
   The bed was in one corner, and a simple bureau in the other. A single rectangular window let in the light from lamps outside. A computer and desk setup was on the wall adjacent to the bed and a vid-screen across from that. The sound of the phone reached into the room and a blob in the bed stirred fitfully. Another round of ringing, and the shape sat up in bed. Dr. Colchester wasn’t young, but he wasn’t old either. A man in his late 30’s, he looked groggily around for the cause of the noise. Realizing that it was the phone, he slipped out of bed, the cool air causing him to quickly throw on a simple over coat from his desk chair. Sliding his room door open, he briskly walked over to the kitchen and the phone. He hit the ‘answer’ button on the view screen, and a familiar face appeared to him.
   It was that young radio officer named Jack Drejan, 27 years old and straight out of the university. Jack excelled at radio operations and exploration and was considered a pioneer in his field, at age 27! Colchester wasn’t so enthusiastic to greet him in this early hour of the morning.
“What is it this time Jack?” grumbled Colchester.
“ I’ve only got four words for you, doctor; we. Have. Found. It.” He replied barely containing his excitement.
   This news made Colchester’s blood run cold, and a sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach. “Tell me you’re joking! It’s a joke isn’t it! You and your radio-head buddies messing around with me right!” Colchester was irritated but part of him wanted to hear the junior out, so he stayed on the line.
“I was recalibrating the main satellite dish on Olympus Mons with the remote system, you know, running some simple diagnostics to make it work…” The grin on his mouse-like face was getting larger.
“And I stumbled across an old non-commissioned back channel, used for secure feeds to Earth, an efficient and if I must say, inelegant binary channel.”
“Get to the point Jack.” Colchester replied with a yawn.
“Well sure enough, I sent one test transmission through that old line, and seeing as how Earth doesn’t exist anymore I wondered where it was going to go. So I tracked its path, it went to Earth all right, but it intersected this garbled sub-space cluster of waves. As I was refining it, the redshift-processor determined that this was in fact an ion trail. Now the only time Ion trails occur is from using engines. I used your imaging algorithm along with my radioscope to follow the trail. You know where it leads?”
“Where does it lead, Jack?” Colchester responded.
“To Jupiter…” Jack trailed off.
   Colchester pulled his thoughts together. Jupiter, Jupiter, ion trails…hmmmmm…when was the last time we sent a probe to the….oh God. Jack’s face lit up as he saw the thought slowly cross Colchester’s mind.
“You see? I think we’ve found it!” Jack blurted out like a five-year-old child.
“Alright, alright, calm down, let me make a few calls and I’ll be right over to the Advanced Lab as soon as I can. Bye.” Colchester sighed, and then went back to his bedroom to change. If that loose cannon found what they had been searching for for the past decade and a half, then they were all for a rough ride.

more coming soon
comments welcome,  :lol:  
Title: Outpost2: Road To Perdition
Post by: zhukant on October 24, 2007, 05:29:01 AM
Suspenseful! The beginning was a little bit rough, but it got pretty interesting in the end. =] I'm not an OP2 nerd so I don't know how well it matches anything or whatnot, but I think you should definitely keep going with this. ^^
Title: Outpost2: Road To Perdition
Post by: Nynx on October 24, 2007, 06:28:54 AM
thanks!  :lol: the next issue will cover more of exactly where they are  ;)  
Title: Outpost2: Road To Perdition
Post by: gpgarrettboast on October 24, 2007, 06:41:38 AM
I have to agree with zhukant ^^ The beginning was a little rocky, but it pulled out and started getting really interesting. Keep it up
Title: Outpost2: Road To Perdition
Post by: Gagagigo3 on October 27, 2007, 03:48:30 AM
The beginning was a little rocky, but it pulled out and started getting really interesting.

Quote answer: Is there ever a book that doesnt begin rocky? I like it. Good to know how the chamber etc looks. Maybe the kitchen part could be shorter, its not really that imporant. For the rest of the story everything is fine.

Keep up the good work!
Title: Outpost2: Road To Perdition
Post by: Nynx on October 31, 2007, 11:24:11 AM
thanks! ill be typing up the next part later today
Title: Outpost2: Road To Perdition
Post by: Nynx on October 31, 2007, 04:40:09 PM
Chapter 2: Revelations[/u]
   The Advanced Lab’s main meeting room was large. Holding about 150 people it sometimes functioned as a make shift residence for scientists when they were hard at work on something or when other citizens needed the rooms at the various Residences. The presentation platform occupied one whole side of the auditorium, with large blue curtains and synth-wood flooring. The ceiling was covered in latticework of steel and catwalks, along with the normal lights required for a stage. A small operator’s box was located in the rear facing the stage; this was where most presentations were coordinated from. Colchester marveled at how complex the light board was in the box, with all those switches, dials and readouts. “Doctor? Doctor?” A smooth voice pulled him from his reveille. It was Adam, from the Physics Sector of the Advanced Lab; he was helping to put together this ad hoc presentation to the Council and important scientists and citizens. It was also going to be broadcast live over the Community Channel for everyone else; in fact, most other citizens were given a break for this announcement.
   Dr. Colchester was wearing his standard scientist fare, they even made him where that stereotypical white lab coat as well. “Yes Adam?” He said.
“We’re almost ready with the presentation…I have one question…” He trailed off tentatively.
“Ask away,” Colchester replied amiably.
“Is it true? We have found it?” He said, hope filling his voice.
“Yes, Adam, we have found it, rest assured, everything will be fine.” Colchester said with a smile. It belied his nervousness of addressing the entire colony. “Now, take your place, I am going to go talk to Jack.” With that He began making his way down the aisle towards the stage. Jack was a ball of energy, discussing things with colleagues and fidgeting with his tie. This was his first large-scale presentation and he was making sure he didn’t screw up.
   As Colchester got to the top of the stage, he quietly came up from behind Jack, “you ready for this one rookie?”
“Doctor! How good of you to show up!” Jack said enthusiastically, and mock-sarcasm.
“Glad to see you’re in high spirits, I believe it is too early in the morning.” Colchester replied with a wink. “De Dooo!” the intercom chimed, “Attention all citizens, the live broadcast of this Advanced Lab session is now starting.” The Savant PA system said.
“Here goes everything,” Jack sighed; the tension was starting to show on him.
   People began filing into the auditorium seats, the twelve member council being the first. They took their seats at the center of the whole thing. A few of them were some of the few humans left that had walked on Earth, to breathe its air, swim in its water. They held an aura around them of nostalgia and longing. To Colchester it was slightly annoying but just something that had to be dealt with. He took his seat next two other of Jack’s colleagues as Jack himself stood at the podium rallying his confidence. By now the auditorium was almost full of people. Adam in the box was working his magic on that light board, by the time the last people were trailing in, the lights were dimming. Then a large projector screen unfurled from the top of the stage curtains. It showed the logo of the Advanced Lab and the Observatory team. Then a picture of space replaced the logo, and a single spotlight shone on Jack.
   “Council members, fellow scientists, and all citizens.” He announced, pausing for a breath. “We here at the Rommelmeir Observatory are proud to proclaim to the colony a momentous discovery. We all know that Earth Day was two days ago, and in the remembrance of Earth, I give you this.” An image of Jupiter materialized on the projector screen. Murmurs and whispers spread like wildfire from the auditorium, there was a few gasps and exclamations as well. As people began to quiet down again, Jack continued, “When Vulcan’s Hammer destroyed our home, we felt lost, and abandoned. Cast into the frigid cold of space, and in memory of Earth we have found a true key. When this colony, Meridius, was founded on the sands near Mount Olympus, it was the hope that this technology could sustain human life in our solar system. I’m proud to say that this planet; Mars, is now the bastion of humanity, we have defied the odds.”
   “Jack, I speak for Meridius when I say, this is common knowledge,” interjected an older Council Member named Katherine. “Please continue on about the discovery.”
“My apologies esteemed council.” Jack said nervously, sweat on his brow.
   “A half century ago, during the momentous events of Earth’s death, our leading astronomers witnessed a single ship leave Earth. Although all records of it were erased for unknown reasons, our historians discovered a hidden diary written by one Gale Otra. Quote: “As we watched in horror the Earth’s death from millions of miles away, we saw a single point of light emerge from the maelstrom moving away. As our computers analyzied the images, we realized that it was a ship! That some people made it off the planet alive thrilled us, and we hoped that they were making their way to Meridius. But after a week of watching, the evacuation ship’s trajectory sail by us on Mars and link up with a fueling dock near Jupiter. The crushing blow to our optimism was when the ship was last recorded near Neptune, on its way out of our Solar System.” End Quote.” Jack looked up to see that the entire room was silent, this was news to everyone in the colony. No one had ever heard of anyone making it off Earth alive during the impact. “Meridius, what you see before you is a real-time video recorded only hours before this meeting, of that very same Fueling Dock near Jupiter. By our analysis, it is still functional, and here is the important part: we have also discovered the trail that this evacuation ship left as it sailed outside of our Solar System!”
   The auditorium erupted in applause, people were hugging each other, and tears of joy were shed. Another fragment of humanity had been found and actual survivors from Earth no less! Jack gave a broad smile over to Colchester. No matter how many times I hear the news, it’s always going to be joyous. Colchester thought to himself. “Ok, I will take a few questions, importantly, any that the council has.” Jack said over the din. The room became quiet again. A frail man named Serje Trevisko, another Terran, stood up slowly. “Does your team know the current status of that ship?”
“Unfortunately no, we can only trace their route of where they have been.”
“And where are they now?”
“The trail seems to end near a planet in another solar system, using RedShift, the planet is comprised much like Mars. That’s about all we know at the moment.”
Serje took his seat again and Katherine took the floor. “Where does this all lead to? Or more importantly, what does this mean?”
“Well, according to our projections, we have the technology and resources to send a small satellite out to that planet in the next two months. Using our advanced ion and gravity drives, this probe will reach those coordinates in about twenty years, but it will only take a fraction of that time to transmit the data we need. Here is our more ambitious endeavor, My team and I along with the Physics Sector and Engineering; propose we develop a interstellar ship to travel there and see if we can get these people home.” This put the auditorium in an uproar again, the council sat there discussing quietly. Dr. Colchester was completely off guard. Was that even possible!? We haven’t been able to build a starship just for going to other planets let alone another system! But think! If we could rescue those refugees! To Colchester, the rewards outweighed anything else in his mind.
   “We the council, have decided to discuss this option in the near future, for now, lets take a day of rest to think about what we have here.” Katherine stated. With that the meeting was over, but for Colchester, the long road had just begun to reveal itself….
Title: Outpost2: Road To Perdition
Post by: Drakmar on November 04, 2007, 12:00:21 AM
I have to say that this is one of the most interesting OP2 fan stories I've heard so far. Keep up the good work! I can't wait for Chapter 3. Hmm.... it's nice to be back. ^_^
Title: Outpost2: Road To Perdition
Post by: Nynx on November 04, 2007, 05:46:09 PM
thanky kindly!  :lol:  
Title: Outpost2: Road To Perdition
Post by: Arklon on November 04, 2007, 05:51:21 PM
One problem... Advanced Labs were designed on New Terra by Eden. :P
Title: Outpost2: Road To Perdition
Post by: Nynx on November 04, 2007, 09:44:01 PM
you'll find out soon enough, oh you will  ;)  
Title: Outpost2: Road To Perdition
Post by: Nynx on November 29, 2007, 05:05:48 PM
sry for the delay, school work and life seem to have intensified as of late, chapter 3 will be out tomorrow, friday 11/30/07, its almost done :lol:  
Title: Outpost2: Road To Perdition
Post by: Drakmar on November 30, 2007, 05:08:41 AM
I myself am looking forward to it. And I'm sure everyone understands the delay. Life has a tendency of forcing you away from your projects at times.
Title: Outpost2: Road To Perdition
Post by: Nynx on December 05, 2007, 04:09:39 PM
Chapter Three: Dead Ends

   Events began to move quickly after that pivotal meeting. The whole of Meridius colony was a buzz with the news about the discovery of their wayward brothers and sisters. But to Dr. Colchester and his team and even Jack, it spiraled into one big headache. To start, they couldn’t find the database on advanced space exploration, it was gone. The Librarian in the Command Center said it went missing about a month ago but no one seemed to notice. Colchester reminded him that data simply can’t just disappear, but the Librarian replied that the Analyst team had been searching since it went missing. Even the three Savant computers couldn’t find it all.
   Frustrated, Colchester and Jack moved to the next problem, storage. Meridius spaceport had not been used in quite some time and was full of material and parts from about half a century ago. Why the council never really used it after Earth was destroyed was a mystery but to Colchester. He remembered the chaos and sorrow that gripped Meridius as that monster of an asteroid destroyed the cradle of humanity. The spaceport was a large compound as well. To Colchester it looked like a cross between the Cape Canaveral from the United States, and Baikunor from Russia. It had four main launch pads arranged in a cross shape with the command tower in the middle. Support and technical buildings lay on the outside of the cross next to their respective launch pads. Storage was a massive warehouse below the command tower that had large tunnels running to each pad.
   Another problem associated with Spaceport was damage, after being unused for so long, many things had started to break down or not function at all. The doctor and Jack had to even wear filtration masks to make sure they didn’t inhale any dangerous particulate matter. The final problem was resources, what Colchester had feared all along. It would take a few months to procure more metals for a satellite and even more for a rescue ship. So here it was a month and a half after the start of this mess and Colchester found himself in a local dive kicking back a rough brew made from gen-mod wheat in the Agridomes. Everyone around him was in high spirits, the noise of excited voices and those of ones who had a few too many. Colchester was attempting to zone out watching the viewscreen in the upper corner of the bar.
   He was paying attention to the news station, as it went through the usual line up on a Thursday night. “Ah, barkeep, I’ll have what this poor stiff is having,” came a familiar voice. It was Jack, fresh from his stint at the Advanced Lab trying to cook up some new communications Frankenstein he had been working on since grad school.
“Poor stiff? Heh watch what you say you little whelp,” He replied.
“Oh come off it doctor, its after hours, everyone should make an attempt to pretend to feel better.” Jack said with a smile.
“Well spoken, in that case, I’ll do my damnedest to imagine myself as happier.”
“That’s the spirit! Now on to business shall we?” Jack leaned in close sipping from his mug.
“And what business do we have? We’ve exhausted all avenues of approach, and there are several holes in almost any plan we draft. The council is starting to consider the cost.”
Jack studied Colchester for a moment, then went back to his drink, his mind going over this implication. “You mean to tell me that the council is already losing interest? Huh, never thought they would be that flighty.” He responded.
“Well this is a big undertaking, you have your part to play in it Jack, and it’s a big one. But these are the leaders of the colony, they have to take into account everything, and to compound that, they are in the public eye more often than either one of us.” Colchester responded.
   The pair then took a sip of their respective drinks and went back to thinking. After about 2 minutes, Jack turned and was about to say something, but thought of it and looked away. By now the drink was starting to creep into Colchester’s mind and he began to feel a little more fluid than usual. “You know, I don’t even know what they call this, but I’m still drinking it.” He said matter of factly.
“I think it’s a type of drink called beer, but that may be a very old term for it.” Jack responded.
“You? Knowing ancient terms? That’s rich, hold on, excuse me can you bring us two more?” Colchester replied and asked the bartender. Sure enough, two more bottles were place in front of them.
“What’s the occasion?” Jack inquired mischievously.
“Its Friday, I’m tired of this rescue junk and we got nothing else to do.”
<A couple more rounds of drinking later….>
“And the best part was, the professor had no idea the radio was still on!” Jack said, his red face filled with a grin and tears. Colchester hit the table hard with his fist in laughter as the two traded stories. “So yeah, that was meteorology for ya! You got any stories of your schooling?” Jack asked with a small giggle in his voice.
“Come to think of it, I can’t really remember, as if…if…” Colchester trailed off, the smile eroding from his face. Jack too now looked at him with a blank wondering what was wrong. “honestly Jack, theres not much, like fog bank blocking me…”
“Guess you were drinking a bit too much in your college days, eh?” he said, the smile washing back again.
Colchester smiled cordially, but he still felt distressed over this,. “ok, I think I’ve had enough, I’m going head out.” He said as he paid the bartender. By now the bar was empty except for him, Jack, and four other people.
“well I guess I’ll see you bright and early on Monday for more of the spaceship business.” Jack said.
“Yeah, I will…”Colchester replied remotely.
   Colchester left the bar with more thoughts than he came in, a gain, he considered. The alcohol had cleared of system by now and his mind was racing. As he walked through an overpass from the commercial district to the first residential sector, he stopped to gaze up at the sky. Leaning on a hand rail, he stared into the inky blackness of space. “Somewhere, somewhere in that ocean of stars, our kin, just wish I could do more to help.” With a sigh, he started walking again, entering the first Residence; M-R1. His suite was across the grid of Residences in M-R3, it was a newer one, built during the second expansion, when Meridius had reached one hundred colonists. By the time he reached his room, he was getting tired. He typed in the alpha-numeric encryption key and provided a hand scan. Upon entering, he flicked on the lights, the couch area was littered with papers; cargo manifests, production quotas, archival documents. This past month had been grueling. He walker over to it and stared at the entire mess, then something caught his eye.
   It was an old paper, worn and crumpled. He picked it up, circled in red ink was a section that discussed the last transmissions from Earth, notably the countries involved. The circled part dealt with the military portion of the transmission from the European Union. There was one undecipherable portion of the message, it was a numeric portion that to be a code. It read; [19,7,4] [15,11,26,18] [24,14,20] [18,4,4,10] [26,17,4] [13,4,26,17] [18,19,15,17,26,6,4] [20,13,8,19] [26,11,15,7,26]. He took it over to his study, where he placed on a bunch of priority papers. As he did, he noticed his old pocket watch. It was made of copper, and about three inches in diameter with a chain. He didn’t recall where he got it from except that it had always been with him. Finally, he got into bed and fell asleep, tomorrow he would do some sleuthing.

feel free to try and decode that for yourself, its a simple 2 step encryption, just dont post about because even if you dont get it, it will be revealed next chapter  :D  
Title: Outpost2: Road To Perdition
Post by: Nynx on December 06, 2007, 11:58:04 PM
no thoughts or comments?  :(  
Title: Outpost2: Road To Perdition
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no thoughts or comments?  :(
No double posting.
Title: Outpost2: Road To Perdition
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ok, im confused; please explain this
Title: Outpost2: Road To Perdition
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lol. That wasn't particularly nice though. I think the double posting rule is probably a little more lax in this forum since it's largely the story and thoughts of one author. Besides, the two posts were about 24 hours apart. Generally fair game to double post after about a day.

I'll probably read this next week or so after exams are over. Too long to read right now.
Title: Outpost2: Road To Perdition
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so i cant post twice within 24 hours? you're calling me on that w/o even reading the story? huh....how petty
Title: Outpost2: Road To Perdition
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Err, who are you talking to?
Title: Outpost2: Road To Perdition
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sry, meant sirbomber   :blink:  
Title: Outpost2: Road To Perdition
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Hmmm... This is the novella forum.
Oops, never mind.  Sorry Nynx.

I usually just read the newest posts and make comments without checking what forum it is, you see...

But as a general rule, don't post two posts in a row.  Edit your old post or wait for somebody else to say something.  Though since you are the writer, go on.

And I did read your story.  Or... skimmed it a bit...
I generally don't have much to say about these kinds of things.  The best Outpost literature is from the game, which was written by a paid author, so we can't really compete with that...
Title: Outpost2: Road To Perdition
Post by: Nynx on December 21, 2007, 01:50:40 AM
sorry for the absence, my finals for college were coming up and I had to study. with that, The next chapter will be coming out within the week, and I'll take your advice sirbomber and make sure I edit stuff before posting again, sorry for blowing a fuse.  
Title: Outpost2: Road To Perdition
Post by: Drakmar on December 21, 2007, 02:20:50 AM
Sounds great! I'm looking for the next chapter!
Title: Outpost2: Road To Perdition
Post by: Brazilian Fan on February 11, 2008, 03:39:44 PM
Is this novella abandoned?
Title: Outpost2: Road To Perdition
Post by: Nynx on February 11, 2008, 07:20:18 PM
no, just a lot has landed on my plate including starting a new semester and another project has grown in demand of my free time. dont worry, in a month or so, i will write the next part.  :lol: