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Title: BasicTek.txt
Post by: Hooman on February 24, 2005, 01:53:24 AM
I posted a basic lab research tech tree in the file forums. You can find it here:
http://forum.outpostuniverse.net/index.php?showtopic=137...indpost&p=29217 (http://forum.outpostuniverse.net/index.php?showtopic=1374&view=findpost&p=29217)

It allows you to work your way through the 5 basic techs at a basic lab before proceeding on with the standard lab. It also allows you to research Tiger Speed Modification after you retrieve wreackage and unload it at a space port (or just get the tech right away if the level designer so wishes). Feel free to make other mods to the file as you see fit (just remember to change the name of the file).

So, here's how to write a level with it for you DLL coders out there.

Reference this tech file for your TechTreeName export. The basic lab stuff is just done by default. If you don't give the player any techs to start off with, they'll have to work their way through the basic lab research before being able to continue with a Standard Lab. Once all 5 basic lab research topics are completed, they will be allowed to build a Standard Lab at their Structure Factory. Once the Standard Lab is available, the Basic Lab will no longer be available at the Structure Factory. (This appears to be a game limitation and I don't believe there is a way to edit only the tech files to build both at the same time).

The normal way of getting the Tiger Speed Modification from wreckage is setup as follows:
Code: [Select]
	TethysGame::CreateWreck(52, 26, (map_id)11999, 0);
The first two parameters are the coordinates, the third parameter is the techID (as found in the file basictek.txt) that you will obtain from the wreckage. Send a scout to the coordinates given and the wreckage beacon will appear. Send a cargo truck to pick it up and return it to a space port. Once the cargo truck is unloaded, all tigers will immediately have the speed upgrade.

Now, to have the wreckage unlock the research topic instead of just give it to you, use the following setup:
Code: [Select]
	TethysGame::CreateWreck(52, 26, (map_id)11998, 0);
What this is doing is giving you a dummy tech that the Tiger Speed Modification depends on, so once you have it, the research topic appears at your lab.

Curerntly I'm not really sure what the last parameter does (the 0) and how changing it behaves. Probably to do with which players are allowed to pickup the wreckage.

I edited the Tiger Speed Modification tech so it's now researched at the Advanced lab (kinda silly having this at the basic lab, plus if your basic lab gets destroyed, you can't build it back). It also now allows 10 scientists assigned to the research (instead of 1) and costs 4000 research points (instead of 1).

Let me know if you have any questions on using it.
Title: BasicTek.txt
Post by: Leviathan on February 24, 2005, 02:11:11 AM
good stuff.

just a note on the research.
well like all researsh, even this extra one it had to go at a lab and they though basic lab because no one has it in multiplayer.

if u place a basic lab in multiplayer it has this research in the list does it not? or is it just in land rush maps or somthin?
Title: BasicTek.txt
Post by: Tellaris on February 24, 2005, 03:51:23 AM
Basic lab does not exist in multiplayer.
Adding it does nothing if you associate nothing with it...   It becomes a simple useless building sucking up 1 worker and about 50 power.   You have to have some kind of tech associated with this lab, otherwise topics list will be empty (and remain so no matter what)
Title: BasicTek.txt
Post by: Leviathan on February 24, 2005, 05:31:16 AM
Tiger Speed Modification is listed in the multitek.txt. Its a basic lab topic.
Title: BasicTek.txt
Post by: Eddy-B on February 24, 2005, 01:17:38 PM
The philosophy of adding advanced technologies to the basic lab:

Basic lab gets obsolete after the standard lab becomes available. This is by default when you reach tech-level 3 (a tech-level is nothing more then a mission number of the campaign, meaning in mission 3 you can build a standard lab).  
Since the basic lab can no longer be built after mission 2, it can be used for any research topic.  In the original campaigns this is only used for the Children's Module (12499) and the Evacuation Module (12599) which -if you read the tech-files- should be "reseached" at the basic lab.
Those 2 topics can be enabled (and will be in the original campaign) BUT the game doess expect the tech-file to assign them to a lab. Since you should not be able to actually research those at either the standard or advanced lab, it's just added to the basic lab { you can't build that anyway, so it doesn't matter }
Title: BasicTek.txt
Post by: BlackBox on February 24, 2005, 02:16:07 PM
Lev to answer your question the BasicTek.txt would work anywhere. if the tech file enables the Basic Lab, it's available in all game types.
Title: BasicTek.txt
Post by: Leviathan on February 24, 2005, 03:31:40 PM
That waset my question.

Using the multitek.txt, the standard multiplayer tek file. If you place a basic lab on a multi map or build one by enabling it somehow im pritty sure the tiger speed mod researsh shows up in its list.
Title: BasicTek.txt
Post by: BlackBox on February 24, 2005, 04:28:20 PM
oh yea, cuz of the 'lab' value I think for that tech. Not sure if Hooman changed that.
Title: BasicTek.txt
Post by: Hooman on February 25, 2005, 01:13:42 AM
Yeah, I edited that. When I first made the mod it showed up at the basic lab but I thought it was silly to leave it there so I edited the LAB tag for the Tiger Speed Modification so it'll only appear at an Advanced Lab. Also, I made sure that it'll only ever appear in the Advanced Lab's research list if wreckage has been recovered that gives the new dummy tech I added (with techID 11998). You can of course choose to give a player the speed modification right away from wreckage using techID 11999 for the wreckage, so they don't need to do the research. Either way, the tech won't appear in any research list unless wreckage is recovered. And you only have to actually research it if you're using techID 11998 for the wreckage.
Title: BasicTek.txt
Post by: HaXtOr on February 27, 2005, 02:06:09 PM
Im almost done with my basic lab multi map