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FPack no.004

Table of contents:
1. 4P, LoS, 'Hidden Treasure'
2. 6P, LoS, 'PlayGround'

Special info for Hidden Treasure:
-Good ore in the middle

Special rules for PlayGround:
-You need to play, which can be found here, along with angellus mission.

~~~"Freestyle" mode (set disasters off (disasters will be present nevertheless))
Pretty simple, you can kill each other... plus if you lost everything, you get a new convoy to rebuild. (Using initial vehicles appears to be fun, i mean, respawning with all those combat vehicles all the time...) But please be fair so don't do spawn kills.

~~~"Fight the blight" mode (set disasters on)
Pretty much like 'Freestyle', except with blight, and without respawn, before every player is dead (so at least when the blight consumes the whole planet and mysteriously dies off to entertain the player) after that, you can continue as if nothing happened

=PlayGround features:
-Lava that actually cools down
-Dying blight
-Players starting with colonists in evac transports

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(sorry for the generic reply -- can't look at it at work  ;) )
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New Maps/Missions are always nice. Thanks.

I will certainly try the Playground at some time. I know Hidden Treasure already and it is great (could need some minor adjustments, maybe).

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oh wow i feel stupid, playground feature sounds awsome, wish i thought of that my self.. im so jealous :P

good job!
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Pretty cool stuff. Thanks for posting.