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OP2Archive is a 32bit Windows command line application for extracting, creating, and editing .vol and .clm archive files specific to Outpost 2. This tool allows for access to the in game music, maps, tilesets, datasheets, and more. Perfect if you wish to review or modify Outpost 2's internal data.

It is designed for easy use if you understand how to run command line (console) applications. Inside the download is a ReadMe.txt file that explains how to use it. If you have feedback or find bugs please post or message me.

OP2 Archive on Outpost Universe Wiki

Download Current Release: OP2Archive on GitHub



OP2Archive - Outpost 2 Archive Access and Maintenance
Developed by Hooman and Brett208 (Vagabond)

Allows examining, creating, and extracting files from Outpost 2 .vol and .clm archives. Check the OP2Archive landing page for the newest version at

+++ COMMANDS +++
  * OP2Archive LIST (archivename.(vol|clm) | directory)...
    * Lists the contents and size of all files contained in provided archives.

  * OP2Archive FIND filename...
    * Determines which archive contains the file. Stops searching at first instance.
    * All archives in the same directory as the provided filename are searched.

  * OP2Archive CREATE archivename.(vol|clm) [filename | directory]... [-q] [-o]
    * If no filename(s) or directory(s) provided,
      archives all contents of the default source directory (./archiveFilename).

  * OP2Archive EXTRACT archivename.(vol|clm) [filename]... [-q] [-d destDirectory] [-o]
    * If no filename(s) provided, extracts entire contents of archive.

  * OP2Archive EXTRACT directoryname [-q] [-d destDirectory] [-o].
    * Extracts entire contents of all archives in the provided directory.

  * OP2Archive ADD archiveName.[vol|clm] filename... [-q] [-o]

  * OP2Archive REMOVE archiveName.[vol|clm] filename... [-q] [-o]

  -H / --Help / -?: Displays help information.
  -Q / --Quiet: [Default false] Prevents application from issuing console messages.
  -O / --Overwrite: [Default false] Allows application to overwrite existing files.
  -D / --DestinationDirectory: [Default is './']. Sets the destination directory for extracted file(s).

For more information about Outpost 2 visit the Outpost Universe (

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +


Unzip OP2Archive.exe using WINZIP compatible decompression algorithm. The typical place to put OP2Archive.exe is in the root OP2 install directory for ease of use, but this is not required.

Open a command prompt. Navigate to the directory containing OP2Archive and type 'OP2Archive -h' to see Usage Message.


If you wish to overwrite a file currently in an archive file, use the ADD command and include the optional argument -O / --Overwrite to allow overwriting the original file.

The ADD and REMOVE command will create a new temp directory with the name ./OP2ArchiveTemp-(RANDOM INT) to store the contents of the archive file while rebuilding it. The ADD and REMOVE command will also eventually delete the original archive file before rebuilding it. If certain fatal exceptions occur during this process such as a power loss, the original archive file may be lost and/or the temp directory may not be deleted. If you are performing ADD and REMOVE commands on a heavily modifyied archive file, consider keeping a backup of the file somewhere. In case of a fatal error in the critical steps for the ADD and REMOVE coomands, you should be able to just recover the archive file from the Outpost Universe website by redownloading the game.


Outpost 2 stores all music tracks except for the track that plays on the main menu in the archive file op2.clm.

If you wish to change out the sound tracks in Outpost 2, you must use specific settings and use the WAV file format.

As a starting point for manipulating audio tracks for Outpost 2, consider starting with the free program Audacity (

When naming audio files for storage in a CLM archive, the filename will be clipped down to 8 characters. Without siginificant modifications to the Outpost 2 application, you must use the names of the audio tracks provided with the stock download of the game to get modified or new tracks to play in game. The game will then select the music tracks as it sees appropriate based on name. So, the Eden tracks will play for Eden missions, etc.

Outpost 2 audio tracks must be formatted as WAV files with the following settings:
 * Frequency = 22050 Hz
 * Channels = 1 (Mono)
 * BitsPerSample = 16

The file size of each WAV audio track (the actual wav data) must be a multiple of 32768 bytes (0x8000). Output 2 fills the music buffer in chunks that large, and doesn't zero fill if a chunk (at the end of a file) is too short. If the file is not a multiple of 32768 bytes (0x8000), some garbage data will be played in Outpost 2 before switches to the next track. The audio data must be zero padded to bring it up to the right size before adding to the .clm file.


Outpost 2 contains references to 3 types of compression, RLE (Run - Length Encoded), LZ (Lempel - Ziv), and LZH (Lempel - Ziv, with adaptive Huffman encoding).

Only LZH was used in the final release of Outpost 2. Only one archive file was compressed, sheets.vol. In subsequent releases of Outpost 2 by the Outpost Universe community, sheets.vol was decompressed and included in the game download in uncompressed format.

OP2Archive is capable of reading and decompressing archives using LZH compression. However, it currently cannot CREATE archives or modify via the ADD or REMOVE file an archive using LZH compression.


Source code may be found at: See the file DeveloperReadMe.txt in the source code for specific instructions.
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Just released version 1.0.2 of OP2Archive, which consisted of bugfixes. See the link in the first post for downloading.

Version 1.0.2 (16 Jan 2018)

 * Fix a fatal crash when attempting to extract a directory from a volume file. (Extracting directories from volume files is not possible, but the program should not crash if attempted).

Version 1.0.1 (07 Nov 2017)

 * Add License.txt to project and downloads.
 * Update ReadMe.txt and DeveloperReadMe.txt to reference License.txt.
 * Improve Post Build Script to include zipping PDB file.