Author Topic: My memory is rusty but is it possible to play a game of OP1 indefinitely?  (Read 3319 times)

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I played Outpost 1 back in the day when I purchased it from CompUSA, I ran home and then I scratched my head trying to figure out what I had just bought. When I played it I loved it I think it was then that I realized I loved to build, plan, and organize colonies and the like. Outpost 1 brings back very fond memories for me. So when I discovered this website and the fact that people still play it I jumped at a opportunity to play it again. Though my memory of the game mechanics is a little rusted. I was wondering is Outpost like Anno 2070 in the respect you can continue a colony indefinitely? Or are the gameplay mechanics just not set to allow it? I remember you had to pick a planet and that it had a large impact on the rest of the game...

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Re: My memory is rusty but is it possible to play a game of OP1 indefinitely?
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It has been a while since I played Outpost 1 myself but from what I remember you could play the game until it crashed or you launched a space ship.

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Outpost 1 with the patch is playable but the game was not complete. It was missing parts. I believe the game was rushed out.

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Calling Outpost 1 "playable" is a bit of an exaggeration.  "Cosmetically functional" would be more accurate, and even then I think that would be giving it too much credit.  ;)
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I think it's indefinite but it definitely wasn't finished. Visually functional is a pretty good description of it. And yet something about it captivated me years ago. To this day I still think there's a great game in there somewhere... it just needs to be rebuilt.
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Outpost has some production parrellels to the movie The Longest Day: both had the potential to be great in their respective medias, and both were going to be rushed to completion.  The big differing point is that the director of The Longest Day actually took control of the studio, cut the movie Cleopatra's run time in galf, and saved his project from suffering from being rushed out to fund others.  Probably would have been much harder for the devs if outpost :p

I only played it for a few months a while back, but I could never get a game going indefinatly because I would run out of minerals to mine.  Probably just me not knowing about a few things though
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