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When Hacking Goes Bad
« on: December 09, 2008, 12:37:05 PM »
It's great now that we can hack/mod/change OP2 in so many ways.  We've patched so many bugs, made so many new maps and missions, changed the player color palette loads of times, and have even made some new techs here and there.

But underneath this surface of hacking bliss, there is a very dark side which has been hidden from the masses for countless generations.  Bad things have happened.  Very bad things.  This is the forbidden history of the dark side of hacking; a history of people who have done terrible things out of boredom or sleep deprivation (or just because they suck at hacking).  May I introduce...

"Hacking Gone Wrong"

-This isn't where you post pictures of OP2 crashing or complain about something not compiling.
-Post pictures of interesting ways you've managed to break OP2 (example below), or did something goofy/stupid (again, example below) with it.
-You may not edit the pictures in any way (other than to resize it or in some way make it smaller because we don't want to get spammed by really big images).
-If it's something that can't really be "shown" through a picture, post the DLL with instruction on how to do it.
-Again, just to be perfectly clear, BREAKING the game does not equal CRASHING the game (at least not immediately.  Something has to happen before OP2 crashes).

Breaking the game:

Other examples include Hidiot's uberstorm that made vehicles invulnerable.

Doing something stupid:

Other examples include anything by Arklon, but specifically Difficulty Mod 666.

I expect to see good things, people!
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