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« on: February 24, 2005, 12:20:58 AM »
Well, since so many people seemed interested in this mod, I put together a tech tree where you can work through the basic lab techs and where wreckage can allow you to research the Tiger Speed Modification. This is based off the standard multiplayer tech tree. The edits are as follows:

Enabled Basic Lab (can be produced at a Structure Factory) and disabled the Standard Lab until after the 5 basic techs have been researched. Once all 5 of the basic techs are researched, you'll be able to build a Standard Lab at the structure factory (which automatically disables being able to build the Basic Lab.)

Modified the Tiger Speed Modification tech entry so it's not available for research at the basic lab (and it's no longer essentially free). Instead, depending on the wishes of the level designer, there are two ways to obtain this technology.

The first way is the same old get it immediately from wreckage. As soon as the wreckage is unloaded at a space port, your tigers are upgraded. This is the default method usually found in the game. (Set wreckage to techID 11999)

The second way is the long awaited, get the wreckage and you'll be allowed to research the Tiger Speed Modification. (Set wreckage to techID 11998) Currently, the research is done at an Advanced Lab, has a max number of 10 scientists for the research, and a research cost of 4000.