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Outpost 2 Update / Re: Updates for Outpost 2 1.3.8
« Last post by Hooman on June 22, 2018, 11:17:48 AM »
I kind of like that idea. I've thought previously the pre-game setup screens could use more details, or the ability for customization based on the level.

There's a lot to think about for such a modification though. We'd probably need input from a number of level designers to come up with a good plan for something like that.

This might also tie in with previous ideas about alternate map file formats, or the Python mission project.
Graphics Update / Re: Science Structures
« Last post by Hooman on June 22, 2018, 11:06:34 AM »
Original new. The original image posted in this thread. :P

I suppose I'm not very familiar with the original OP1 graphics.
News / Re: Wiki Software Updates
« Last post by leeor_net on June 22, 2018, 10:04:53 AM »
That comes from the bootstrap based theme/template. I've been working on cleaning up some of the pages using panels and sections -- they all come from this enhancment: DokuWiki Bootsrap Wrapper

It's going to take a little time to get everything sorted back properly but definitely mention something if you see it!


Have corrected the vehicle page with panels -- this is ultimately how all of our pages should be updated.

As for the Table of Contents, I've adjusted it so that it will no longer auto-collapse on scroll. This gives the user the option to collapse it on their own. It'll also stay attached to the top of the window as the user scrolls so they can see what section they're in. Let me know if this is bothersome -- that can be configured as well.
Projects / Re: Cross Platform Outpost 2 Utility Library
« Last post by leeor_net on June 22, 2018, 09:54:42 AM »
You and Hooman have done absolutely amazing work! I've been following development on GitHub and an pleased to see how this progressed.

When I eventually pick up on my map editor I'll pull the NAS2D filesystem and use your stream library instead. I think it's quite well built and I look forward to being able to drop the dependency (though having ZIP and 7z support is still attractive).

Anyway, this should make it a lot easier to build high quality, robust tools.

Again, awesome work!
News / Re: Wiki Software Updates
« Last post by Vagabond on June 21, 2018, 11:53:35 PM »
Thanks for working on this. I like the new accent color for hyperlinks.

I noticed a couple of pages are suffering ill effects from the new formatting.

Some of the different units on this page are starting to blend together.

When the page's index disappears, graphics at the top of a page tend to pop right/left. It never seems to leave the content in a bad spot, just maybe annoying though?

Outpost 2 Update / Re: Updates for Outpost 2 1.3.8
« Last post by Vagabond on June 21, 2018, 11:43:56 PM »
I would like to see a .ini module that hooked a scrollable rich text box and single image to the multiplayer game room screen. These 2 items would switch as the scenarios are switched through and provide details about the scenario.

We are starting to bundle scenarios that have unexpected behavior with the game. Such as Fractured alliance where clicking the day/night and disaster check boxes actually change the number of enemy bases. Several scenarios also have written backstories that are only readable by coming back to the forum.

I thought one way to implement this would be to allow adding 2 resources to a scenario dll. One would be a .rtf file containing the text for the text box. The other would be an image of X pixel size that would typically be a picture of the scenario's map.

There would be some implementation details to the map since some are tall and some are wide, but maybe just set a max width and height and center in either direction if it is smaller. The image could be anything really, but probably standard being a map render. It might also be possible to leverage the existing code in Outpost 2 to show a picture of a saved game on the saved game screen. Although I think providing an image is probably easier to implement.

I'd be willing to handle the gruntwork of adding resources to existing dlls and help with the coding and testing of the required .ini file. Someone else would really need to step in and locate/define the actual hooks into Outpost 2.


Projects / Cross Platform Outpost 2 Utility Library
« Last post by Vagabond on June 21, 2018, 11:22:13 PM »
Hey everyone,

Currently there is a C++ Utility Library for Outpost 2 that lives on GitHub here It is a library to assit in Outpost 2 related tasks such as opening and saving map files, save files, clm files, and volume (vol) files. OP2Utility is also the backend for OP2Archive and OP2MapImager. Someday, I wouldn't mind seeing it used in a future map editor to facilitate Outpost 2 specific tasks.

There is a fairly robust Stream library that could easily be lifted for use in non Outpost 2 projects, which will likely continue to be improved on in the future.

OP2Utility currently only compiles for Windows x86.

Hooman and I have been putting a lot of time into improving the library and removing the Windows specific code. A couple of open branches will make all the size_t calls Clang compliant once merged. We are probably only a few lines of code from removing the Windows.h header altogether, which means it should compile on Linux and Windows very soon. Nothing should keep the library from compiling on Macintosh if anyone is interested?

Once it is compiling on both systems, I'd like to look at removing the Visual Studio (Windows) and Make (Linux) specific project files. Instead we can use cMake to build the platform specific project files. This would have the benefit of standardizing compiler settings and allowing updating new source code files in only one place, cMake.

When someone wants to compile the code, cMake generates the proper platform specific tooling. This means someone who uses Linux doesn't have to worry about how to add new files and settings to a Visual Studio project/solution that they cannot check on Linux and the same applies to the Windows users figuring out the Make file.

The downsides are you have to download and install cMake on your computer and learn the commands for generating the platform specific tooling. It also means if you want to make major edits to the project structure, you would have to dig into cMake enough to understand how to make those changes.

The end goal will be compiling OP2Archive and OP2MapImager for both Windows and Linux. I'd like to look at compiling them both for x86 and x64 operating systems. And finally keep a small symbols library for both (.PDB files on Windows, and I think usually .debug files for Linux) that match up with each release cycle. So you could drop in the symbols for full debugging no matter which operating system you are using.

This means both OP2Archive and OP2MapImager will have to switch to cMake for their build tool generation to hook into OP2Utility. The good news is both of these projects should already be almost fully Linux compatible already.

I've been happy working on this project, as it is a great opportunity to continue learning and practicing C++ in a project. I recognize there are probably limited gains to the community (unless you are a Linux fan!).

Anyways, I don't know how others feel about how this is all moving forward. We are happy to have help from others if anyone else is interested in checking it out. Open to suggestions as well if people love/hate cMake or are generally ambivalent to this entire discussion. I'd like to discuss a standardized file structure for the projects in the near future as well.

Graphics Update / Re: Science Structures
« Last post by leeor_net on June 21, 2018, 06:30:38 PM »
By original I meant the first one you posted.
Graphics Update / Re: Science Structures
« Last post by White Claw on June 21, 2018, 06:24:33 PM »
There is a lot of "cool" color in the graphics in general and I thought the blue fit in with the overall coloration. I think, seeing the two in-game, my recommendation is still the blue one. However, I'm happy with whichever graphic you'd like to use, as I'm not emotionally attached to either.
Graphics Update / Re: Science Structures
« Last post by White Claw on June 21, 2018, 06:21:41 PM »
When you say "original" do you mean the original original, or the original new?.....

Here's the original original. (Also added to the first post, like I had intended on doing.)
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