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Speedrunning Outpost 2
« on: July 10, 2018, 09:05:26 PM »
I've been speedrunning the Plymouth Hard mode campaign for about a week now.  It has been a lot of fun figuring out as much as I can about how the missions work and how to get around the challenges it posed.

Here's a link to my current fastest run (2:14:28)

I make rather extensive use of structure kit cloning and starship part duplication.  I actually found that cloning structure kits takes a prohibitively large amount of command time to perform; I usually didn't use it for extra resources (except for mission 2), but instead it became important when my structure factory or convec was too busy to afford waiting to make another copy of the structure in question.  Missions 8 and 11 use starship part cloning as a major portion of their income generation.  Mission 8 in particular circumvents dealing with Vortex RNG by just not venturing to the middle of the map for rare ore.

In case anyone else feels like giving Outpost 2 speedrunning a try, I'm uploading the notes I made while developing my run here.  This is a strategy game, so I'm sure other people would come up with different ideas than me, but at least this will give a starting point.
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